About IMEX

  • Pilot for hire
IMEX has been owned and in operation for the past 4 decades by Steve Qualizza with an in-depth background in  Real Estate, Corporate Finance and Aviation.

IMEX SteveStarting in his youth he worked in Aviation starting as a Line Manger crew member, then over time working in corporate aircraft sales experienced in all general aviation aircraft including Boeing 707 and 727’s.  Since he has clocked over 10,000 hours in his career, he understands aircraft and is a natural at helping customers obtain aircraft by helping them through the process to find the right fit as both broker and seller.  He still flies today mostly for corporations.

Throughout his life, he met people who expanded his knowledge and experience into other related fields of Real Estate Brokerage (both Corporate and Residential), acquisition business from initial lead through closing on shopping centers and other business acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions of corporate entities.